11 Food to Eat to Conceive a Girl


Without the onus centered on medical solutions, following a diet plan might sound to be an attractive proposition for having a baby girl. It may seem a bit unrealistic or strange, as following a proper meal plan could work out to be more successful than ovulation methods. This works well as PH level are influenced in the womb and vagina, where female chromosomes are able to carry male sperms.

All foods cannot be part of a diet plan if objective is to conceive a baby girl. A golden rule that needs to be followed to better the chances of girl is foods should be rich in acidic content and not alkaline as such a scenario is not going to achieve results.

11 Food to Eat to Conceive a Girl

1} Citrus fruits

To conceive a baby girl, your diet needs to include a lot of citrus fruits. Vaginal activity increases and production of male sperm decreases in fallopian tubes. Citrus fruits contribute to higher energy levels as pregnancy leads to frequent mood swings.

2} Orange juice

This is not going to add an impetus to your fertility, but a glass of orange juice goes a long way in having a say in the gender of an infant. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins helpful during the pre-pregnancy days and the gestation periods.


3} Chocolate

A tinge of surprise! Sugar products ensure better prospects of conceiving a baby girl, unless sugar intake is not on the higher side. Chocolates homemade should be ideally consumed a few days after your monthly cycles, to foster a proper environment so that female chrome carry sperm cells.

11 food to eat to conceive a girl

4} Fresh vegetables

Increasing your intake of vegetables (around 150 grams daily) has a say in trying to conceive a girl. Vegetables are low on calories, sodium and important source of magnesium. Vegetables like carrot, green peas or beans should be part of your diet.

5} Berries

Munch in all the type of berries that you could think off! This decreases vaginal PH, where sperm cells find it difficult to sustain. Coupled with the fact that they are low in calories which does increase the chances of having a baby girl. This is based on figures that women who follow low calorie diets have 75 % of a baby girl.


6} Whole grains

High in selenium and magnesium content, this is a must for pregnant women planning a female baby. The recommended dosage of magnesium is 300 milligrams, for pregnant women it can increase to 400 grams without alteration of the taste.  Putting on extra pounds should not be a cause of concern on consumption of whole grains.

7} Beans

Black,navy, pinto or red beans they are a great value addition to your diet on planning for a baby girl. Beans are a rich source of fiber and magnesiumand itfacilitates better health management in the long run.

8} Canned Salmon

Fish is a strong crony for women who is trying to stay in shape and having a baby girl. Being a rich source of fatty acids, vitamin D and protein it is the perfect choice for women who do not want to miss eating fish and having a baby girl.

9} Ocean Perch

Women who are looking to have a baby girl are prone to consumption of meat because of its acidic content. Female sperms survive better in acidic environments whereas male in alkaline ones. Addition of meat or fish to your diet is a good choice to have a baby girl.


10} Spinach

For all women who are trying to have a baby spinach is a must. Scientists point out that foods are high in magnesium content, encourage fertilization of egg (female sperm) while being low in potassium. Spinach cannot entirely do the job so folic acid along with vitamin A and D needs to be part of your diet.

11} Dairy products

They are the best bet in terms of natural solution for having a baby girl. The logic is simple as dairy products or derivatives are vital sources of calcium does aid to the fertilization process( sperm producing female) Cheese is a better option for women who are pregnant as fetus needs a strong dose of calcium. In addition yoghurt could be added to your diet if you are planning to conceive a girl.

To conclude, if you are planning to have a baby girl and confused what foods to choose, then do include foods with high calcium and magnesium content. This is going to increase acidity levels in digestive tract and vagina