11 Best Food Games for Kids


Some of best food games for kids are lemon spoon race and chopsticks challenge, eating cake with hands tied/eating spaghetti with hands tied, eating hanging donuts, guess the food game, a pretty necklace made of cereals and pulses, bracelets made out of candies and cheerios, chocolate bowl made out of the balloon and making salad or cooking without fire.

When one is bored with outdoor and indoor games when sports become uninteresting then what comes to mind. Experimenting food games can be a wonderful way of spending time with children and friends. Food is something that uplifts everybody’s mood and spirit and when it is a combination of both food and games, what can be more fun than this. Food games are a thrilling and challenging activity. It can be really fun for kids, as they can both eat and play at the same time. So when deciding what game to choose for it is sure one can get confused. These are 11 best food games to choose from for kids:

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Top 11 Must Know Food Games for Kids

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Lemon spoon race and chopsticks challenge

Lemon and spoon race can be a really thrilling experience for kids. It can be either a challenge to walk with lemon in the spoon in your mouth and balancing it or racing with it. It is quite interesting to play as it requires a lot of balance, the presence of mind, wit, and attention at the same time. Chopsticks challenge can be hilarious and fun. It is tough for kids to grab food with those chopsticks still it is guaranteed they will enjoy. It is fun as it is easy to play and requires hardly anything except a spoon, a lemon and some cool friends.

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Eating cake with hands tied/eating spaghetti with hands tied

What makes food games really exciting is the part where one has to eat. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary or even a moment to celebrate cakes become a common attraction in these gatherings. Kids and adults can play this really exciting game of tying hands and then eating the cake. This game can make anyone greedy for eating the cake. Kids who like to eat sweet dishes, for them this game can be the best thing happening to them. Eating spaghetti with tied hands can be both challenging and fun at the same time. So, next time if you get bored, play this game but remember to keep some cakes in spare. This game can be played with the person whose birthday is being celebrated or even with friends in a gathering.

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Eating hanging donuts

Kids like to be agile and active. They have a sporty spirit. When kids get a chance to be a sport and a foodie at the same time what can be more exciting for them. Eating hanging donuts attached to hard strings can be really engrossing game. Kids love to compete for food, in hanging donuts the hands are tied and the mouth is at work. When played it usually looks funny that a bunch of children going mad with their open mouths over the donuts. This is what the game is about, eating, playing and having a gala time.

Guess the food game

Guess the food game can be really spontaneous and fun. It gives a twist to the taste buds and the mind. In this game, the child has to touch and smell the food and then tell the correct answer. After this, the child is made to taste the food to check if he/she is wrong or right. Sometimes it’s a right guess and sometimes it’s a wrong guess, but in both the cases, the best part is tasting the food.

A pretty necklace made of cereals and pulses

In this game, the pulses and cereals can be boiled for the kids and then given to them for making a necklace out of it. This game can be fun if time limits are there and prizes are given to the one who makes it first. This game is a little informative for the child as he/she would get a chance to be familiar with the nutrition value of the cereals they are playing with. These necklaces can be later painted and decorated to keep as a momentum.

Bracelets made out of candies and cheerios

Candies and cheerios are just the perfect things to make bracelets with. They can be assembled in a string and then tied to make a bracelet. Kids who do it as early as possible should be given a prize. These bracelets can be painted and eaten at the same time, if the child wants to eat he/she can eat it and if he/she wants to paint and keep it safely that is also possible.


Chocolate bowl made out of the balloon

Chocolate bowls made out of balloons can be really fun. First melt some chocolate, blow a balloon and dip the balloon in the chocolate syrup. Then put a tray under a parchment paper and put the chocolate syrup coated balloon on it and let it cool in the freezer. After it cools, burst the balloon and take the chocolate bowl out if and decorate it according to the child’s wishes, savor it and enjoy it.

Fun model making out of pasta, spaghetti, and marshmallow. / constructing things out of chopped vegetables

In this game, the child can be provided with marshmallows and pasta and spaghetti. Then the marshmallow can be kept in the center and the spaghetti and pasta can be tucked into it to make models like houses, boats and even a random abstract model. The child who makes the best, long-lasting and durable model should be avoided. Chopped vegetables and fruits can be used to make towers and building or even a hut.

Let your child make masterpieces out of pasta and macaroni

Pasta and macaroni can be a great dressing for pasta and salads. They can be more exciting. Raw macaroni is used to make unlimited articles for the home nothing will be engaging, exciting and fun than this, if the child is given the right to lead the game. He/she will have a feeling of importance and leadership. You can give your child macaroni and pasta to make beautiful articles for the living room and the drawing room. Raw macaroni and pasta can be really amazing for the kids, as a game.

Making salad or cooking without fire

Cooking without fire is the safest way to play, allowing the kids to make salads with their own dressing and ingredients can be fun. The best salad should be awarded in the end. And all the kids can organize a feast with all the salads and the food cooked by themselves.

Name the food or vegetable in a funny way

All the kids can come together in any gathering, pick up their vegetable and then name it with a funny name. The child who manages to give the funniest name is awarded. This game can be really exciting as children like to laugh on funny stuff and do weird things. Give the child a chance to make some dish out of that vegetable and name the dish on his/her own.