201 Sexy Hot Boy Names for Your Baby You Can Choose From


At times we are not able to decide a name that matches our expectation and one that perfectly enhances the personality of the baby boy who is soon to step into our lives. A good name demands inspiration and time from the parents. Once a child is given a name it sticks with them for their whole life. One can always go for another pair of shoes or another colour combination clothes but a name is something that holds permanency in life. Every parent wants their child’s name to be unique therefore here is a list of some of the trendiest hot boy names for your baby boy along with their meanings.

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Hot Boy Names: 201 Most Attractive Sexy Baby Names

201 Sexy Hot Boy Names for Your Baby

AaronIt means lofty
AbnerIt means father of the light.
AdaliusThe name symbolises a noble person
AdamThe child of God
AdrianThe open sea
AidenThe name means fiery
AlanIt is used for a handsome and dashing baby boy
AlaricThe name is based in the memory of a powerful ruler.
AlecIt means a boy who will become the defender of the family
AlessandroA strong bearer of truth
AndersStrong and manly
AndrewIt means manly
AngeloThe name means messenger and it is interesting to note that biblically all angels were male.
AnthonyA highly praiseworthy child
AntonioIt means a child who is priceless
AsherA happy child
AshtonThe beauty of the forest
AvelA capable child
AxelMeaning peace
AydenA fiery child
Azraela Jewish angel
BennetThe blessed one
BentleyA meadow
BlakeThe name means the fairer one
BranIt means the raven
BrianA child who is virtuous
ByronName derived from the famous English poet Lord Byron
CaiusSomeone who brings joy
CalebSomeone faithful
CalvinThe light of God
CamdenA windy valley
CameronAn intelligent child
CarlA free and independent man
CarlosLeader of the world
CarsonThe son of Carr
CarterA sweet mellow sound
CaspianA true warrior
CharlesA free man
ChaseTo hunt the evil
ChristianFollower of the Christ
ChristopherThe carrier of Christ
ColeA strong warrior
ColtonRising from the coal
ConnorA hound lover
ConradSomeone who gives brave counsel
CooperThe maker of all
CullenThe name means handsome
DamienThe one who rules the world
DamonSymbolises dedication and true friendship
DanielGod is the judge
DanteThe name denotes someone with great endurance
DavidThe beloved
DeclanA man of prayer
DevinThe helper
DiegoThe sup planter
DominicThe master of the world
DuncanA dark warrior
DylanThe name means son of the sea God
EastonEastern facing place
EdgarThe name means fortunate
EdwardThe name means a wealthy child
ElijahIt means the God is great
ElliotThe son of God
EmmanuelGod is with us
EmmettThe universal
EnzoIt means uncertainty of life
EricThe ruler of all
EthanThe name means strong
EvanThe grace of God
EverettIt means brave
EzekielGod gives strength
EzraThe helper
FabienThe one who sustains
FelixIt means happy
FinnA fair person
FrancescoA free man
GabrielAn angel of God
GarrickA mighty warrior
GavinThe white hawk
GeorgeA farmer
GiovanniGod is gracious
GraysonSon of the great bailiff
HarrisonThe son of Harry
HenryRuler of the world
HudsonThe great Hugh’s son
HunterThe one who fights evil
IanGod is gracious
IrvingIt means friend of the sea
IsaacMean’s laughter
IsaiahSalvation by the lord
IvanA strong child
JaceSalvation by God
JamesIt means sup planter
JaredIt means that the God will descend
JasperIt means treasure
JaxonGift of God
JayceA strong warrior
JaydenTo be thankful
JeremySomeone appointed by God
JeromeThe name of the sacred
JettA precious stone
JoaquinGod will judge
JoelGod is the king
JordanMeans descending
JoseThe one that progresses
JosephMay the God give all
JosiahGod supports all
JuanThe beloved of all
JudeThe one who deserves praise
JuliusIt means youthful
JustinThe righteous one
KaiThe open sea
Kaydenwinner of all battles
KevinMeaning handsome
KillianIt means the holy church
LandonThe long hill
LennonA lover
LeoA lion
LeonIt symbolises a lion
LeviIt means attached
Liamstrong warrior
LincolnA town by the beach
LinusTaken from mythology
LionelLionel- A young lion
LoganIt means a beautiful meadow
LorenzoSomeone from Laurentium
LucasThe bright light
LukeThe brightness of light
MaddoxSon of Madoc
MalcolmA devoted person
MarcelLittle warrior
MasonA hard worker
MateoA strong, confident child
MatthiasGift of God
MaxThe greatest of all
Maximilianthe greatest of all
MicahThe favourite of the God
MichaelA person like God
MikhailSomeone like God
MilanA fashionable child
MilesThe merciful
MiloA soldier
NathanThe giver
NicholasThe people’s victory
NigelA champion
NoahIt means a peaceful child
NolanA champion
OliverIt means an energetic child
OwenA young fierce warrior
ParkerThe meadow maker
PatrickThe noble child
PhoenixA rare and unique child
RobertMeaning brilliance
RoccoIt means rest
RodrigoFamous ruler
RoyceIt means royalty
RudyardAn open yard
RufusA red headed child
RupertThe bright fame
RyanThe little king
RyderA mighty soldier
RykerA rich child
SalvatoreThe saviour
SamuelGod has heard all
SantiagoNamed after Saint James
SawyerA wood sculptor
SebastianThe venerable
ShaneA gift of God
SilasThe beauty of the woods
SiriusBrightness of the star
SteeleA strong person
StevenThe crowned prince
TateA cheerful person
TheodoreA child that is the gift of God
ThierryRuler of people
ThomasIt means a twin child
TimothyHonouring God
TrevorA unique name
TristanThe great tumult
TurnerAfter the famous editor Turner Catledge
VincentThe conqueror
VincenzoConquering the whole world
VirgilAfter the great Irish poet
VladimirA renowned prince
Walterthe army ruler
WayneMaker of all wagons
WesleyThe western meadow
WestonThe western town
WilfredSomeone who desires peace
WilliamProtector of all
WyattA little warrior
XavierOwner of the world
ZacThe beauty of God
ZanderDefender of the family
ZaneMeans the gift of God
ZekeGod gives strength
ZephireThe western wind

Thus here is an alphabetically arranged hot boy names list to assist you in your search for a perfect name for your child.


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