11 Ways to Control Junk in your Kid’s Life


Fried and junk foods are a hot favorite with kids. In fact, this is becoming a rising concern for most parents as they are not being able to control their kids from eating fried, high-calorie, instant, junk food. Some prominent food items in this regard include pizzas, burgers, fries, ice-creams, chocolates, pastries and so on.

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Mentioned below are some effective ways of controlling intake of junk foods in your kid’s life:

11 Ways to Control Junk in your Kid’s Life

1. Refrain from keeping junk food at home

It is recommended not to keep junk food at home in store. If it is there, the child will always want to have the same. And stopping him/her at that time would be difficult. Having junk food once in a while is fine but not on regular basis.


2. Positive modeling is important in kids

Eating habits are strongly guided by environmental and psychological influences. With positive modeling, you can encourage the child in eating more healthy food and refrain from junk food consumption. Do not talk about the negative effects of junk food; rather talk about the benefits of having healthy foods.

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3. Never use junk food as bribe or reward

Bribing children for getting some work done has become quite common. For instance, a child might not be willing to do his homework. He is offered a bribe in the form of a chocolate or a packet of chips or a pizza treat to get the work done. This becomes the child’s habit and he feels it is okay to eat these foods. Also do not reward a child with such eatables.

4. Make the child drink more water

You might not know but often food cravings and hunger are confused with thirst. There are times when a child demands for some junk food and he has eaten just some while back. You must understand that it is not hunger, it might be thirst. Offer him a glass of water. Make the practice of drinking water at least 30 minutes before meals to curb hunger cravings.


5. See that the child is not extremely hungry

When a kid is extremely hungry, he tends to gran any kind of junk food and devours the same. This happens because at that moment food cravings reach the peak and high-calorie treats attract them. Make the child eat something at regular intervals so that he is not severely hungry.

6. Pack a healthy lunchbox

Many parents offer pocket money to kids so that they can purchase foods from canteen and eat. These are often junk food and cause harm. Instead take some time and make a healthy lunchbox for the kid. Mix of nuts, fruits etc. are popular choices in this regard. There are many other healthy but tasty foods which can be packed in the lunchbox.

7. Keep healthy snacks handy at home or when you travel

Healthy snacks like whole grain crackers, fruits, dishes made from vegetables, cheese etc. are great for kids. These should be kept at low levels in cabinets or fridge so that the child can grab them when hungry. Fruits are the best option in this regard as they are colorful and tend to attract children easily.

8. Try being a role model

Your kid follows you and learns from you. If you want your kid to eat healthy, you have to do the same as well. This will be a motivational factor for the kid to eat healthy. Even while eating out, choose healthy foods instead of junk.


9. Cook healthy alternatives instead of junk food

Instead of deep frying chicken, try using baked or grilled option. It tastes equivalently good. This can be applied for vegetables as well. Children might not like vegetables. Try making them in a tasty manner and present attractively so that the kids love them.

10. Make your child eat protein-rich diet

Proteins tend to keep one fuller for long and curbs appetite and hunger cravings at the same time. Protein rich meals are therefore great, particularly in breakfast. Include items like eggs, soy, milk, sprouts, poultry, meat, fish and lentils in the diet as per choice.

11. Dry fruits are good

Sweets, chocolates, pastries, ice-creams are a favorite with the little ones. Instead of these try giving them dry fruits like dates, raisins or few cashews and almonds. Most of the kids will love them and keep on munching.